Bimoto Company was established as a result of a development of power assist bicycles. The first prototype was built in 2003 and after improvements it has become a mature, high quality and reliable solution. We have started regular production in 2008.

Primary we were concentrated on power assist with gas engines, but nowadays our offer is extended to electric motors too. Our idea of using front and rear derailleur for gears shifting during motor drive and pedaling is applied for electric motors as well.

Zajęliśmy się również nietypowymi konstrukcjami, takimi jak napędy dla wózków inwalidzkich, ryksz, rowerów trójkołowych itp.We also offer power assist with gas engines and electric motors for wheelchairs, rickshaws and tricycles.

Our development was possible thanks to companies we cooperate with. In particular during long-term cooperation Met-Pol company was involved in almost each step of our products development.

Our partners:

Met-Pol Company is specialized in the range of machining (turning, machine cutting, milling) since 1981. Met-Pol has up-to-date CNC machines.

Sola Technics-Artco
Sola Technics-Artco manufactures die-castings for our mounting kits.

Honda Aries Power
Aries Power Equipment Sp. z o. o. Company is General Distributor of HONDA Motor Co. Ltd. in Poland. They have 191 dealer and service departments in Poland.

CYCLONE’s goal is to gain worldwide recognition and respect through the supply of high quality products that exceed customers' requirements. Thanks to the development CYCLONE is successful within the highly competitive E-bike market.

PGR – Profesjonalna Grupa Rowerowa
PGR - Profesjonalna Grupa Rowerowa Sp. z o.o. is created in 2004. PGR gains 14 best bicycles companies, including 25 bicycle shops in Poland. PGR is exclusive distributor of: KONIG, Cannondale, Norco and Centurion in Poland

Ar-Mar exists on the Polish market for 10 years. Ar-Mar owns 4 shops in Warsaw, Poland equipped with professional service.