We are producer of mounting kits for bicycles using 4-stroke Honda gas engines. We have developed modified crank mechanism which features possibility of use front and rear derailleur for gears shifting during engine drive and pedaling. The essential shortcoming of engine drive for bicycles has been solved. It is very important for difficult off-road riding e.g. mountains, sandy terrain.

It is the only solution of motor drive, and it finds a lot of enthusiasts in Poland and in the World.

This idea is patented, patent nr 199799.

Centurion Cross Line 600 z silnikiem Honda GX25 o mocy 1KM
Centurion Cross Line 300 z silnikiem elektrycznym BLDC o mocy 500W
Centurion Cross Line 300 z silnikiem elektrycznym BLDC o mocy 500W

This solution can be used both for gas engines and electric motors. Features:

  • Engine power is transmitted to additional chain wheel of crank set
  • During pedaling the characteristic of riding is almost the same as for normal bicycle
  • Two one-directional clutches in crank set enable transmitting power of engine and pedaling
  • Modified crank set doesn’t affect normal pedaling
  • Engine drive doesn’t cause crank rotation and pedaling doesn’t cause movement of engine chain
  • Front and rear derailleurs are used for gears shifting for both engine drive and pedaling
  • It is possible to use engine drive and pedaling simultaneously

Such solution offers new abilities in bicycling thanks to perfect interaction of engine drive and pedaling with slight increase of bike weight

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